van der Burg Trucks & Trailers

Who we are? Van der Burg – Trucks & Trailers is the leading Dutch company that concentrates on the import and export of both new and used trucks and trailers. How do we do that? Quick, reliable and especially fair! We don’t like to beat around the bush and prefer to get straight to business. Your business! And our wide range of products allows us to do just that. We have the answer to just about any of your questions.

In-depth expertise? That’s exactly what we’ve built up through years of experience and wealth of knowledge of our team. Not only knowledge of import and export of trucks and trailers, but also in maintenance, spare parts, rental and facilitating yours needs in (special) transport.

Our company is located in the centre of the Netherlands. If you’re in the neighbourhood, why not drop by for a chat.


van der Burg Trucks & Trailers
Woudenbergseweg 116
3953 MJ, Maarsbergen

Tel: +31343431100